Crafty Lady

This shop is an absolute joy! The owner Melody is always willing to help and has a pleasent attitude. She offers a diverse selection of both greenware and bisque. She also has several molds and is willing to do special orders. She teaches classes for everyone from children to the eldery and is also able to work well with disabled persons. Her crafts are also not limited to the ceramic realm she also offers di-cro which is AWESOME! I wish I could give her 10 stars!

~Linda  Taylor

Very Knowledgable!

Every time I go into Melody’s Crafts & Ceramics, I learn something new! Melody is an excellent teacher and her passion for jewelry making, glass fusing/etching, and ceramics is clear from the moment you meet her! Looking forward to the next time we get to go in!

~Chandra McFarlen

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