Where to Fix Your Broken Ceramic or Pottery in Abilene

Repair Services for Ceramics, Jewelry and Pottery

Did you just crack your favorite mug, plate, ceramic collectible or beloved pottery?  Did you come home to find it broken on the floor with no one around to blame?  While it is tempting – you don’t want to just glue it back together!  That might look ok and hold for a while, but eventually the glue will age, the crack will show and the area will be weakened and may not be repairable in the future.

But, don’t despair, all is not lost and your favorite piece can probably be repaired!

Melody has expertise in repairing cracks in ceramics, fixing your pottery, restoring your favorite collectible, repairing jewelry, restringing beads and much more!

Before you consider that all is lost, bring it to us and let us check it out.  We will look at the item and give you a no-cost estimate for repairs.

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